Apartements Trento Maso Pontare

The Farm Bridge Farm is located on the hill in the town of Lavis Pressano 10 km from Trento. There are 6 apartments built Nouvo taken adjacent to an old farm called "Bridge Farm". The name "Bridge" comes from the Trentino dialect and means to increase, this name was easily accessible from the premises if required the court to take the steep climb.

Is another name of "Mas del diaol" . This name was given to court because the joke made by the boys down a group of girls. "It was 1893 and six girls every night, as from work on the way back" Fund "It was dark now and the way forward was tiring, especially after a long day of cleaning the silkworms. Juntas in the vicinity the farm were to see ghosts and hear the sound of the screws sent by young pranksters took fright. He hurried to the village and warned the family that was at the farm "El diaol." rushed to the scene found nothing, what young people had reported seeing. this tour of the farm was called "the maximum diaol".

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